Tuesday, April 01, 2008

MSM Day 1, Asheville + 12

Wooooo-hooo, we made it through day 1! The kick-off was at the Asheville town hall at 12 noon, and we walked about 12 miles and ended around 5:30. Remember all those predictions of thunderstorms and torrential rain? Not a drop!! Check out those beautiful Carolina blue skies.

This is so completely different from what I'm used to. My typical hike is a path through nature, not a path through civilization, but I'm getting used to the copious amounts of trash and cigarette butts and car fumes.

Lunch - peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and fresh fruit!! Sigh...could life get any better?

Today's odd finds:
* At the end of a residential driveway at the top of a mountain in Asheville, a sign reading "Dead End" with a picture of an alligator, and a dusty old boot hanging from a tree a few feet away.
* A newspaper box nestled on the side of the railroad tracks (no street anywhere nearby, just the railroad track). Like what, the conductor is going to stop the train, hop out onto the trestle, deposit $0.50, and pick up a local paper to read?
* Charlie Chaplin grafitti!

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