Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Embedding KM into work

First session and already some new ways of thinking. I've already heard several people talk about NOT creating incentives to get employess to contribute to knowledgebases. Someone today even state that he ones who don't want to share are sometimes hiding processes or knowledge that they know are convoluted or non-optimal. The KB owners would rather recreate the process.

Also discussed that the boomer bubble that is leaving doesn't necessarily need the incentivies - they're motivated by the sense of leaving a legacy and take pride in handing off their knowledge. Combining this perspective with the Knowledge Cafe discussion last night regarding social capital, it's tempting to simply to ask for sharing and put a social capital system into place, then let that work for a while.

KMWorld 2007 - day 1

I'm in San Jose at the KMWorld & Intranets 07 conference. I think it's quite telling that the theme is "2.0", but there's no 2.0 interactivity that I've been able to find. No Crowdvine group, no twitter, no discussion groups or wikis, no way to connect with other attendees except face-to-face cold start conversations. We're not even tagging our conference ID's, which would be such a great conversation starter as well as example of 2.0 thinking.

Talkin' the talk, not walkin' the walk.