Friday, September 14, 2007

Scooter wreck!

Dumped my bike last Monday! Big excitement. A squirrel ran out in front of me and my swerve went out of control. Actually, I think the root of the problem is that my brakes are wonky - front brake is super tight, back brake barely works. If it weren't for that, I woulda been fine.

So it kinda sucks that my ankle is super swollen (Lance has nicknamed me "elephant girl" for the next few days) and achy, and I lost most of the skin on my elbow, knee, and ankle. But what REALLY sucks is that I was scheduled for a 7 day Appalachian Trail backpacking trip starting Monday the 18th. Oh well, that's definitely not gonna happen. I've been anticipating this trip since April, so am fairly devastated to miss it.

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