Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My building at work borders on an idyllic pond environment, and my work area is situated so that if I swivel in my chair, this is my view:
We often walk the pathway that runs between my building and the pond. On March 22nd, we spotted a Canadian Goose nest piled full of eggs on the waters edge right outside my window. We've been anxiously awaiting their arrival, hoping for Easter babies, but no luck.

Yesterday mid-afternoon we walked past and saw little yellow heads peeping out from below momma's wing. This morning when I turned the corner to my desk, there were at least 7 people lined up at the window jostling for a view - mom, dad, and 5 baby geese pecking around in the grass less than 5 feet from the window! Here they are taking their morning constitutional:

And here's the entire gaggle outside the conference room. You tell me, how are we supposed to concentrate on developing a communications plan with this going on outside the window?!

Needless to say, very little work will get done today for all the excitement! For example, we had to stop a meeting to watch one of the little guys clamber up under momma's wing. He shoved his head up there, then the rest of his body, till all we could see were his little feet sticking out and windmilling around searching for traction. The funniest part was when momma got up to walk away, and the little fella plopped out halfway and tumbled along for about a foot. All that work for nothing... Here's a closeup of the lil' nudger:

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