Thursday, February 16, 2006

Whee, it's surgereeeey!

Surgery. Getting the freakin' mail, and now it's surgery. I knew life isn't fair! Yuck. From the doc's preliminary description, I believe it'll be the Bankart Lesion Repair. Here's another good article with all the gory details.

Dr. Herring will be my surgeon.

The surgery is arthroscopic outpatient, and I'm scheduled for Wednesday, March 1st. I'll take off the rest of that week, but should be back at work by March 6th, I think. He said recovery is 3-4 weeks in a sling, 1 month intense physical therapy, then 1-2 months of moderate physical therapy, and then I should be as good as new.

Anybody got a LaZBoy I can borrow for the first few weeks of sleeping afterwords? :-)

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