Monday, January 30, 2006

SUCKS to be me

The back story - in May, 2005 I participated in this really cool program in Spain, called Englishtown. While I was there I slipped and dislocated my shoulder. It's really quite a good story, and I should have written about it back then. However I did not, and now this is the dull story of how I annoyingly re-dislocated my freaking shoulder while REACHING TO THE MAILBOX THROUGH MY CAR WINDOW last Wednesday. Thus relegating me back to "broken" status for the next half year. I will have to go through all that freaking physical therapy again. I will not be able to dance freely for a long time. I will wince every time I turn the steering wheel. I will not be able to shave my left armpit for at least 2 months.

This SUCKS. The first time, at least it was a novel experience. Something new to add to my life chronicle, my first major injury. And in such a stunning location! With such kind people!! and oh, the fun of the Spanish hospital!!! The second time, it's a boring story and it's just plain tedious.

I cannot tell you how annoyed I am, and how little I want to face the next 3 months.

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