Sunday, October 19, 2003


What a beautiful city, San Francisco. Yesterday was packed full of adventures again. Took the car to Fisherman's Wharf, where we boarded a ferry to Alcatrez. The bay was sheathed in fog. The ferry ride was shorter than expected - about 10 minutes. Alcatrez was...Alcatrez. Needs no further explanation. It was everything I had expected - creepy, cobwebby, morbid. We spent hours wandering around, till exhausted, then back to Fisherman's Wharf for lunch. Oops, bad idea! We both ate too much and weren't hungry for dinner later.

Then took the car down Lombard Street. I'm not sure which was weirder - the crazy twisty street or the number of tourists gawking at it. Back to the apt for some down time, then walked to pick up Jackie and on over to 14th and XX for an AMAZING dinner at Chez Spencers, where Jessy bartends. It was absolutely incredible. Lobster tail with peach and asparagus with truffle for appetizers. Antelope with pepper and mushroom and Duck with blackberry for main course. DIVINE! Jessy works with a group of really fun, interesting people. We walked to a bar after that, had some more drinks, then back to Jackies and home again. Woke up with a headache/hangover, but not too bad. Today, we go to Muir Forest and the California coastal highway. Wheeeeee!

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